Life Coaching for Mothers
Empowering Mothers to go from Overwhelm, Stress and Depression to Joyful Balance!


These are some great resources that I have tried and highly recommend! :)

Best parenting method I have come across is "Creating Champions for Life".  All children behave well given the right environment.  Even works for children with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.  Go here to find out more:

Start With Mom, is an online directory for moms looking for information on pregnancies, babies and toddlers within their area across North America. It is about empowering and encouraging mothers to be confident in their jobs of mothering, and is every mother's resource to healthy living and natural choices for the new generation. Here mothers can be directed to information and listings, anywhere from doctors and daycare's, to products and home remedies. Click here:

The Power of Moms

Mind Movies is an amazing program for making your own movie for visualising:

Sasha's story is amazing!  Learn how she went from nothing to wealthy with 6 children in tow:

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