Life Coaching for Mothers
Empowering Mothers to go from Overwhelm, Stress and Depression to Joyful Balance!

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“Regardless of your current situation you can obtain the success of your dreams by following a few key success principles.  Working with a coach can change your life and pave your way to great things."  ~ Jack Canfield

Do you need some personalised Life Coaching?  A one-on-one with a life coach can really help you by tailoring your coaching to fit your personal needs.  I have some great Life Coaches here who specialise in helping mothers!

Katinka Fourie
I am a registered nurse, midwife, lactation consultant and a Consciousness Life coach. I help mothers on their journey in becoming a mother and to adjust with all the demands having a new baby. I offer classes (antenatal and postnatal) breastfeeding consultations and coaching for postnatal depression, how toimprove family relationships, conscious and connecting parenting, balancing work and family life and facing an empty nest I am from South Africa please contact me

Sharon Schelling

Life Coaching inspires you to become aligned with your values, goals, and vision, and Christian Life coaching adds the spiritual dimension that many people are seeking. The synergy, commitment, and focus of the life coaching relationship helps you accelerate your progress and make strides you never thought possible.

Paula Leslie
Essential Life Strategies
Paula Has the unique experience of being a psychotherapist helping women as well as a Life Coach.  Her book “Women Taking Charge: 5 Steps To Succeed In Life And Work" offers mothers valuable information on emotional well being in addition to healthy balance while caring for family. Career advice is also included in the book.


Samantha Afanador
Specializing in conduct coaching for teens and transformational empowerment for women!

Jayne Briggs

I am a life coach, counsellor and stress management trainer. I have helped mothers who have suffered with confidence issues, time management issues and also post natal depression.

Eileen Burns
Personal Development and Stress Coaching. 1 to 1 Sessions, workshops, training and online programmes.

Molly Peterson
Mom Launch
Mom Launch helps moms discover and launch their dreams through private coaching, at home programs and workshops.

Leigh Morrison
be Transition Coaching
I am a Transition (Life) Coach who works with women in juggling all the hats their wear, from being a mum, partner, sister, daughter, colleague, boss - what ever it means for you, and how to create a life with meaning fulfillment and what 'be'-ing means to you as an individual. I can do face-to-face or skype coaching sessions.

Michelle Croyle
Marriage Guy and Gal, LLC
Coaching women in self-esteem, marriage, and parenthood.

Monique Notice
I provide psychotherapy and coaching for women and mothers from my private practice.

Julie Wales

I specialise in counselling for Mothers, Fathers & Families caring for people with special needs/disabilities. I care for my own child with special needs and can offer and empathic, caring and supportive approach.
Contact Ph: 0741 265 1894

Deborah Dor, DipC (Inst. NH)
Counselor/Life Coach
I have worked for a number of years with professional women employed by financial institutions, returning to work after taking time off for maternity leave or returning after raising young children. I am aware if the many difficulties they encounter and challenges they face.  I have worked with clients with a broad range of issues affecting relationships, family, self esteem and sexuality.

Kelly Dahl
As a personal coach I help women clear their path to a life of fulfillment. I offer one-on-one coaching over the phone and email as well as e-programs and group coaching.

Heide Juethner-Kley
My therapy and coaching is mainly attending to personal development and exploring one's individual searching for the unique meaning of life. My basic philosophy is the Logotherapy, created by Viktor Frankl. Especially mothers need support within their vast field of challenges, often accompanied by feelings of guilt, never having fulfilled enough.  Beside of my professional work, I myself have a long experience concerning the problems of a working mother and to constitute my own life as an independent woman and a human being.  I am a German Native Speaker but I was really lucky to have had the chance to hold settings for years with an international clientele in a hospital. Perhaps I could lend a helping hand. My website is bilingual, an online-translator is included.

Joanne black

I am a Combination Therapist and Life Coach specialising in Emotional Wellbeing. Many of my clients are mothers feeling the impact of life experiences which have affected their mood, ability to cope with situations and which have knocked their confidence. I work with them to promote their female potential through 1 to 1 sessions, group packages and workshops throughout Northern Ireland.

Lilliana Gibbs

A qualified counsellor and life coach, my work is to support women to become more in touch and confident in their authenticity. To stretch and grow themselves through life's various stages. Coaching, counselling and workshops designed specifically to support women on their unique journeys.  Also available on this website:  A free e-book GET MORE DONE, which uses insights from neuroscience and psychology to make the best use of our time and energy.

Dr Lesly Uys
I work in the Cape Town area and help mothers overcome relationship issues and depression as well as assisting them with the skills to discipline and teach their children.
My contact details are:
021 685 7516 or 078 385 2232
Skype: lesly.uys

Robin Nordmeyer
Life Ahead Coaching, LLC
I am a Certified Life Coach and ADHD Coaching Specialist working with mom's to help their ADHD Children.
Contact: Ph 612-308-4510 or

Madam Coach Perea
Lifestylr Coaching LLC
I am a certified Life Coach and Style Expert, who specializes in Relationship, Spiritual, and Image Coaching. I bring my cheerleading coaching style to guide mother's who are experiencing a 'loss of self'' worth, and are open to healing from their past, to become 'better' in the present, and create successful action plans for their future. Connecting with their "Authenic Self", inner Goddess, and gain access to GOD's 'Sacred Contract' for their lives. By utilizing my "Loving Self" program which involves (4) essential components (mental, spiritual, physical, & emotional) as the foundation to promote wellness in life. That will allow mother's to feel re-energized, loved, and connect with their inner-Goddess to showcase a new stylish Self-Image. It's my MISSION & Best Intention to be of service to mother's to help HEAL Heart's & Soul's so that they can experience a healthier life and attract SUCCESS in their relationships.
LifeStylr Coaching LLC, would like to SUPPORT mother's by offering a "coaching gift":
(1) 30 minute Complimentary Coaching Session.

Coach Jodie Wallace
3 D Perspectives, LLC 

I am a Christian life and business coach. I have my masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP works on the limiting beliefs that prevent one from moving forward towards their dreams and goals. I can support and help mothers through the challenges of raising their children and still maintain  balance. I also help women learn their life purpose outside of being a mom. In other words if they feel they want a career for themselves or do volunteer work I help them understand what would be the best fit and what will serve their highest purpose, strengths, values and goals. I am also an excellent resource for moms when they are facing the many different transitions of their child's life, this can be a stressful time but also a time of feeling at a loss, especially when their children are going off to college. I will be happy to give a 30 minute complimentary coaching session free for those who might like to explore this for themselves. My website is:  Ph: 972-578-4746.

Cheranissa Roach
CDR Consulting LLC
I am a Christian Life Coach and Business Consultant with a desire to see women especially mothers supported and encouraged in their many roles in life. My specialty is helping mothers transition in their lives as they move forward be it a career change, leaving the job to be a stay at home mom or starting a business. I was born to help others and am excited about helping you. Call for a complimentary session.  734-644-2245

Brooke Campbell, MA, RDT-BCT, LCAT
Creative Kinections, LLC
Creative arts, Drama Therapy, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Skype sessions, Workshops, Groups and Classes for Moms
Email : Phone: (732) 953-6291

Alyssa Johnson
Vibrantly Live
Love Your Life - Leave a Legacy
I work with moms who struggle with feeling stressed out, exhausted, and over committed. They're worn out from trying to be perfect. They recognize they are at a breaking point and things have to change. The life they're living isn't what they would want for their children. Modeling a healthy, happy, strong mother is of utmost importance. They know it's time to pursue a new chapter in their lives, but aren't sure where to even start. I help them decide whether my faith based counseling or coaching services is most appropriate for them.

Contact: or (317) 513-5678


If you are a Life Coach who coaches mothers and would like to be listed here, please send me a message on my contact page.  After approval, I will list you here!
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